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A little

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If you were expecting to read that I have always had a passion for photography and spent my youth with a camera in my hand, then I can only apologise…. My love with photography did not really begin until after an accident that redefined my perspectives – If you would like to know more about that then just click here…

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Whether you are looking for a Fun Family Session, Beautiful Pet Portrait, Looking to update your Business Head Shots or to see whether I am The Wedding Photographer for your incredible day, One thing everyone needs to know (other than you are in safe hands and will enjoy whichever you choose) is how much it is going to cost!

On the Pricing Pages for each session is a clear and detailed layout of my pricing, from the session fee, to collections of my most popular products and also individual products should you decide you would like something a little different!

If you have any questions regarding pricing at all, please do not hesitate to ask by using the Contact Page or calling on 07792788059

Just to let you know, typically my clients spend between £600 to £2000 across the range of sessions they have, just to give you an idea!

Packages start from just



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You may start by thinking

“What if the children decide now is not the time to sit and smile” or

“I hate having my picture taken” or “

What if my pet doesn’t behave” or even

“Choosing my Wedding Photographer is a BIG deal, why should I choose you (me)”

The best advice I can give you is to get in touch, send an email or even give me a call. These are all completely normal worries to have and why not let me put your mind at rest?

Alternatively, you can find the answers to these and more HERE

Regardless of your session – You will have fun, Laugh and walk away knowing that you have made the right choice in spending some time with me.